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Tempters that can put you under high blood pressure:


Large amount of salt push up the blood pressure. Therefore, never add salt — neither in the kitchen nor at the dining table. Incidentally, herbs are a more exquisite alternative to salt.
Don’t take your life with a pinch of salt!


Normal weight does not only improve one’s general appearance. Overweight demands continuously raised performance from the heart. In this way the blood pressure is also continuously raised to an excessive degree.
Down with the pounds!


The occasional glass — yes! But too much alcohol makes one put on weight — and overweight leads to raised blood pressure.
Keep your tipple to a trickle!


Nicotine is a poison. It constricts the blood vessels, pushes up the blood pressure and forces the heart to beat faster because of the increased resistance it has to pump against.
Turn your back on tobacco!


Persons who have to sit at work — at the desk, at the conveyor belt or behind the wheel — need exercise in their leisure time in order to keep their circulation system “fit”.
Make your leisure activities contrast to your daily routine!


Continuous stress can promote and accelerate the development of high blood pressure. Don’t allow yourself to be put under stress unnecessarily by deadlines, hurly-burly and overwork.
“Take it easy” is a good antidote to stress!
Reproduced with kind permission from Ministry Of Health
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