Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-Language Therapy facility offers a wide range of assessment and therapeutic services to individuals of all ages (children and adult) with speech, language, voice and swallowing disorders/difficulties in the following areas:

  • Articulation and Phonology/Speech Sound
  • Motor Speech (Dysarthria, Apraxia)
  • Stuttering
  • Receptive and Expressive Language (Aphasia, Speech and Language Delay)
  • Social communication
  • Voice
  • Swallowing Rehabilitation/Feeding

Operating Hours: Mondays to Fridays 8:30 am - 5 pm
  Saturdays 8:30 am - 1 pm
  Sundays & Public Holidays Closed
Contact: Tel: +604 652 8983
  Fax: +604 652 8642
Location: Ground Floor, Rehabilitation Centre


My child is still not talking well compared to his/her friends

If you notice your child’s level of speech development lagging behind his peers, there is no need to panic. Get a consultation with a speech and language therapist to assess the underlying issue to get your child the proper help he needs. Knowing how to help your child is most important to give him the best possible start in life. #mychild #speech #speechtherapy #speechtherapyonline #hlwe #hospitallamwahee #slphlwe

My child does not talk

There can be a lot of reasons a child is not talking as he should be. If this is what you are experiencing, do not make assumptions that your child is just slow, shy or being an introvert. It would be best to seek professional help from a speech and language therapist so any issues can be identified and addressed to help your child develop optimally. #mychild #speech #speechtherapy #speechtherapyonline #hlwe #hospitallamwahee #slphlwe

I cannot understand what my child says

Why can’t I understand my child? Why does everything he say sound like gibberish? As parents, we all get concerned when our children have problems speaking and communicating. If you are experiencing this, it may be time to get your child the help he needs from a speech and language therapist to build proper speech and communication skills or to address any developmental issues early. #mychild #speech #speechtherapy #speechtherapyonline #hlwe #hospitallamwahee #slphlwe

Speech is needed in a child for...

Some children develop faster, while others take their time. However, a prolonged delay in speech development is a cause for concern. If this is your child, act now and ensure he gets the proper help he needs. Speech and language therapy can help develop the skills essential in building effective early communication, as well as identify any developmental issues your child may be facing. #mychild #speech #speechtherapy #speechtherapyonline #hlwe #hospitallamwahee #slphlwe

Speech Therapy After Stroke

Many stroke patients experience communication difficulties after recovery. The type and severity of impairment depend on the area of the brain affected. A speech language therapist can help determine whether speech and language are affected by muscle weakness, difficulties in controlling speech movements, comprehending and/or formulating language. Stroke patients could benefit from speech and language therapy with rehabilitation techniques assigned based on the impairment. #speechtherapy #stroke #speechafterstroke #aphasia #apraxia #dysarthria #speechtherapypenang #strokepenang

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