Donations via Cheque, Bank Transfer or Cash


  • Please make your cheque payable to ‘Hospital Lam Wah Ee’ and send the cheque to us attention to:

    Finance Department (2nd Floor)

    Hospital Lam Wah Ee
    141 Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim
    11600 Pulau Pinang

    Please include a covering note with your Full Name, NRIC Number, Address, Telephone Number and Email Address. This will expedite our process of accounting for your donation.

Bank Transfer

  • Pay into our bank account “CIMB Bank Bhd” account no.: 860 100 8701 (Hospital Lam Wah Ee).
  • Please furnish bank–in slip or online banking receipt showing details of Full Name, NRIC Number, Address and Telephone Number by email to This will expedite our process of accounting for your donation.


  • Cash donations may be extended to us at the Finance Department (2nd Floor) or any cashier counter in our Hospital

    Operation hours are as follows:
    Weekdays:   8:30am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm
    Saturdays:   8:30am – 1pm

    After the above operation hours donations can be extended to Main Pharmacy (24 Hours)

    Note: Please do not send cash in the post

Online Payment

  • Payment can be made online to CIMB Bank Bhd.
    Account No.: 8601008701
  • Please provide MYKAD/Business Registration Number and Residential Address.

For all matters of enquiry on donation you may contact our Finance team at +604 652 8888 Ext: 1150 or 1241 or email to If we do not receive evidence of bank receipt for online payment we reserve the right not to issue you any Official Receipt.

Thank you for your support.

Withdrawal of Tax-Exempt Status for Hospital Lam Wah Ee

Hospital Lam Wah Ee (HLWE) had been informed by the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) that our Tax-Exempt Status was withdrawn with effect from 10th June 2020, as have that of some other not for profit hospital(s).

Due to changes in the Guidelines by the Director General of Inland Revenue under Subsection 44(6) of the Income Tax Act, 1967, the IRB had withdrawn HLWE's Tax-Exempt status. We intend to appeal for the reinstatement of original Tax-Exempt status, failing which we will set up a fund for and apply to the IRB for Tax-Exempt status as advised by them.

In the meantime, donations are still very much appreciated but without tax exempt receipts being issued.

We reiterate the not for profit and charitable nature of the Hospital. Our common ward of more than 100 beds is heavily subsidised by both the Hospital and doctors at RM30 per bed per night and between 25%-40% discount to doctors’ charges for first and second class patients. Last year, the Hospital’s subsidy for common ward patients, free treatment and subsidized charges hold-out for nearly 25 thousand patient days amounting to RM15million. Included in the RM15million subsidy/rebates; is an annually partial or complete rebate of charges amounting to an average of about RM1.7million for those who are not able to afford the heavily discounted common ward charges.

The Hospital would like to assure our donors, supporters, patients and members that it will continue its commitment to perform the Hospital’s objectives as follows:

1. To render medical services to the general public, irrespective of race or religion;
2. To render free medical treatment to destitute patients;
3. To sponsor and undertake research, teaching and training of medical personnel; and
4. To establish, maintain and administer any charitable organisation or association whose objects are totally or partially relevant to those of The Hospital.

To contact a HLWE personnel for further information, please dial 04 - 652 8888 ext. 1150/1241 or email

Deepest Appreciation To You....Our Magnanimous Donors

Donation of personnel protection

Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation
Mr Chin Kim Sin
Terumo Malaysia S/B (c/o Summit Malaysia (M) S/B)
Aureumaex Medicare Marketing (M) S/B
Pharmaniaga Logistics Sdn Bhd
Mr Chan Boon Huat (c/o Guan Lee Textile)
YAB Chow Kon Yeow, Chief Minister Of Penang
Mr Quah Peng Eow
Mr Loh Chee Chuan, Chairman Persatuan Penganut Dewa Gek Ong
Mr Loh Chee Chuan
Mr Tang Khai Hein
Dr Chua Chian Sem
Mr Lim Jen Hee
Persatuan Pengiklan-Pengiklan & Penanda-Penanda Pulau Pinang
Mr Jason Law
Dato' Alvin Lim Theng Hooi
Passion Trading Sdn Bhd
Yayasan Kossan
Percetakan Konta Sdn Bhd
Mr Lim Poay Guan
Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merits Society Malaysia
Solarvest Holdings Berhad
Mr Khong Ching Whye
Junior Chamber International Penang
Health path Sdn. Bhd
Medimpex Healthcare Marketing Malaysia
Mr Loh Chee Chuan
Dato' Yeap Beow Chong
A S Engineering Sdn Bhd
Mr Yeoh Kok Heong
Mr Shanne Gooi
Mr Jeffrey Tan's family & friends
YB Teh Lai Heng
Mr Calvin Kwan Chii Shyan
Mr Seah Kian Hoe
Tan Sri Fng Ah Seng
Yale Printers
Mr Titus Cheah
Hyperise Builder Sdn Bhd 高建集团
Pierfront Sdn Bhd 槟海集团
Kota Cornwallis Sdn Bhd / Thousand Spices Sdn Bhd
Plan C Patisserie Sdn Bhd
Projek Nasi Lemask Sdn Bhd
Mr Frankie Ooi from Yeong Traders
YB Lim Guan Eng
Bio Eneco Sdn Bhd / Golden World Metal Sdn Bhd
Ideal Uniform
Mr Chong Yen Chong
Mr Tan Kuan Yew
Ms Angeline SP Puah
Western Digital Malaysia Sdn Bhd
St Michael
Growth Pulse PLT
SK Mall Sdn Bhd
One Success Automation (Johor) Sdn Bhd
Cyclone Production
Reborn Design Studio
MGR Financial Group
Romeo Curtain Centre (Muar) Sdn Bhd
Cheng Feng Iron Work
Sunday Air Cond Electrical Services
Kwan Kiu Trading
Star Ninety Nine
Mr Edwin Loo Chun Ying
Mdm Wong Leong Fei
Bagan Printers Sdn Bhd
Dato' Mr Nigel
Late Mdm Lim Ah Cheong & Loh Family
Mr Loh Boon Huat
Mr Saw Eng Yew / St Development Techology Sdn Bhd
Limmas (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Your donation means so much!

Acknowledging our supporters of RM20,000 and above

1. Wanjun Engineering Sdn Bhd RM 100,685
2. Choong Yit Tong Trust Fund RM 99,324
3. Hock Kheng Industries Sdn Bhd
RM 50,000
4. Tan Kok Kiong & Khoo Choo Khim RM 44,000
5. Saw Hean Yeow RM 40,000
6. Anonymous RM 40,000
7. Dato' Roger Chan Wan Chung RM 30,000
8. Tsai Ming Ti RM 27,000
9. Southern Consortium Sdn Bhd RM 25,000
10. Chua Holdings Sdn Bhd RM 20,000
11. Tsai Pei Chen RM 20,000
1. Kwong Wah Yit Poh Press Bhd-Charity Fund RM 1,046,640
2. Anonymous Donors RM 100,000
3. Amanahraya Trustees Berhad-Public Islamic Dividend Fund
RM 71,700
4. Dato' Lim Wan Peng RM 71,500
5. Tsai Yi Ting RM 50,000
6. Alfie Lew RM 42,586
7. Tan Sri Andrew Sheng RM 40,000
8. Ang Ewe Jin RM 30,000
9. Dato' Roger Chan Wan Chung RM 30,000
10. Ci Chan Jie Yuan Hui (Malaysia) RM 28,110
11. Datin Thio Khioen Sim RM 26,900
12. Tan Bak Ping RM 25,000
13. Cheah Guey Inn RM 25,000
14. Southern Rubber Works Sdn Bhd RM 25,000
15. Choong Yit Tong Trust Fund RM 22,198
16. Mah Yeow Kong RM 20,288
1. Yeap Kar On RM 100,000
2. Cheah Kean Soon RM 50,000
3. Saw Hean Yeow
RM 50,000
4. Choong Yit Tong Trust RM 43,384
5. Dato' Roger Chan Wan Chung RM 30,000
6. Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad RM 20,000
1. Toshiba Medical Systems Malaysia Sdn Bhd RM 600,000
2. B Braun Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd RM 50,000
3. Cheah Teik Seng RM 50,000
4. I-Medic Imaging Sdn Bhd RM 50,000
5. San Tai Yik Sdn Bhd RM 39,000
6. Choong Yit Tong Trust RM 32,760
7. Dato' Roger Chan Wan Chung RM 30,000
8. Jordan Plofsky RM 21,725
9. Kwong Wah Yit Poh Press Bhd-Charity Fund RM 21,613
10. Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad RM 20,000
11. Ko Soek King RM 20,000
1. B Braun Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd RM 50,000
2. Penang Seagate Industries (M) Sdn Bhd RM 39,000
3. Maybank Trustees Berhad Public Ittikal Fund RM 21,323
4 . Anonymous Donor RM 20,000
5. In Memory of The Late Mr Khoo Siew Boon RM 20,000
6. Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad RM 20,000
7. Tan Hiang Joo RM 20,000
1. Kwong Wah Yit Press Bhd - Charity Fund RM 100,000
2. Cheah Teik Seng RM 50,000
3. Danieli Company Limited RM 31,395
4. Yap Man Mooi RM 25,000
5. Goh Kee Kwee RM 20,000
1. Kuok Foundation Berhad RM 80,000
2. In Memory of The Late Dato' Loh Say Bee RM 76,043
3. Danieli Team RM 59,170
4. Cheah Teik Seng RM 50,000
5. Malayan Banking Berhad RM 50,000
6. Dato' Roger Chan Wan Chung RM 40,000
7. CIMB Foundation RM 20,000
8. Hwang Enterprises Sdn Bhd RM 20,000
9. Dato' Lim Lean Heng RM 20,000
1. Penang Evergreen Fine Arts Society RM 51,888
2. Dato' Khor Eng Hee RM 39,000
3. Tan Sri Andrew Sheng RM 30,000
4. Loh Hock Joo RM 27,000
5. CIMB Investment Bank Berhad (Ewe Eng Kah) RM 20,000
6. Dato' Roger Chan Wan Chung RM 20,000
7. Ewe Eng Kah RM 20,000
8. In Memory of The Late Dr Toong Yock Chai RM 20,000
9. In Memory of The Late Dr David Teoh Chee Wei RM 20,000
1. Yayasan Sime Darby RM 1,200,000
2. In Memory of The Late Dato' Tan Lip Sun RM 300,008
3. Dato' Roger Chan Wan Chung RM 30,000
1. In Memory of The Late Dato' Chuah Saik Ang RM 370,810
2. Dato' Roger Chan Wan Chung RM 300,008
3. Readers of Kwong Wah Yit Poh Press Bhd RM 22,415
4. Datok Seri Panglima Andrew Sheng RM 20,000
1. Anonymous Donor RM 1,000,000
2. Boon Siew Sdn Bhd RM 20,000
3. Dato' Roger Chan Wan Chung RM 20,000
4. Oh Chin Chong RM 20,000
5. 紀念先堂駱黃糠 RM 20,000
6. 紀念拿汀溫余慎慧 RM 20,000
1. Choong Yit Tong Trust Fund RM 50,000
2. Dato' Roger Chan Wan Chung RM 50,000
3. Readers of Kwong Wah Yit Poh Press Bhd RM 20,000
1. Dato' Roger Chan Wan Chung RM 20,000
2. The Rubber Trade Association of Penang RM 20,000
1. Atjeh Traders Association RM 510,000
2. Chew Ming Teik RM 500,000
3. Dato' Hwang Sing Lue In Memory Of His Late Parents, Mr & Mrs Hwang Lue Peng RM 382,000
4. The Rubber Tra de Association of Penang RM 287,500
5. Dato' Tan Lip Sun RM 155,800
6. Kwong Wah Yit Poh Readers' Donations RM 147,964
7. Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew's Organistaion RM 128,973
8. Donations Received In Memory of Datin Goh Quee Cheng RM 120,300
9. Lim Tong Choon RM 110,000
10. Berjaya Corporation (M) Bhd. RM 100,000
11. Tye Wai Yuen RM 100,000
12. Dato' Teh Ah Ba RM 100,000
13. Miss Tan Lee Peng in Memory of Tan Lee Hoe RM 100,000
14. Tun Sardon Foundation RM 98,334
15. Dato' Roger Chan Wan Chung RM 75,000
16. Ci Shan Jie Yuan Hui RM 69,500
17. Hwang-DBS Securities Bhd. RM 63,500
18. Dato' Seri Tan Hoay Eam RM 50,696
19. Southern Steel Bhd. RM 50,000
20. Dr. Poh Soon Sim RM 50,000
21. Choong Yit Tong Trust Fund RM 50,000
22. Tan Sri Dato' Ong Gim Huat RM 45,500
23. Dato' Chua Chuan Teong RM 43,400
24. Yeoh Eng Hock Holdings Sdn. Bhd. & Yeoh Yen Guan RM 42,300
25. Chook Lin Si-Rev. Yuk Kin RM 42,000
26. In Memory of Tang Chia Wei RM 40,000
27. Lim Kean Cheang RM 35,000
28. Chan Siow Lin RM 35,000
29. Dato' Dr Neoh Soon Bin RM 34,000
30. Dato' Dr Tan Chong Siang RM 33,870
31. Dato' Chuah Saik Ang RM 32,700
32. Dato' Tan Yew Thong RM 32,000
33. Dato' Dr Tan Chee Khuan RM 32,000
34. The Buddhist Triple Wisdom Hall-Rev. Chuk Mor RM 31,500
35. Komag USA (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd RM 31,500
36. Northen Malaya Rubber Millers & Packers Association RM 30,000
37. Yeoh Eng Lan RM 28,000
38. Dato' Dr Tan Tat Wai RM 27,500
39. Dato' Ong Hoo Kim RM 25,000
40. Dato' Lee Hean Guan's Organisation RM 25,000
41. Koh Aun Choo RM 22,300
42. Datin Loh Gim Ean RM 20,000
43. Tan Phock Kin RM 20,000
44. Penang Copra Exchange RM 20,000
45. Dato' Seri H'ng Bok San RM 20,000
46. Goh Boon Lim RM 20,000
47. Cheah Hong Inn RM 20,000
48. Kwong Wah Yit Poh Realty Sdn Bhd RM 20,000
49. Dato' Tan Boon Pin RM 20,000
50. Nancy Akasha RM 20,000
51. Mr. Yip Kok Thye RM 20,000
1. Datuk Loh Boon Siew's Organization RM 7,063,937
2. Datuk Ong Kim Seng's Organization RM 220,144
3. Datuk Ong Hoo Kim RM 127,510
4. Datuk Koh Peng Ting's Organization RM 125,740
5. Datuk Tan Hoay Eam's Organization RM 110,988
6. Tan Sri Wee Boon Ping RM 102,000
7. Tasek Cement Sdn Bhd RM 80,000
8. Ong Boon Kheng RM 75,562
9. The United Hokkien Cemeteries RM 70,300
10. Datuk Loh Leong San & Datin Lee Kum Thong RM 68,300
11. Datuk Chan Woot Khoon's Organization RM 65,500
12. Tan Kim Yeow's Organization RM 64,500
13. Kim Guan Choong Sdn Bhd - Ng Boon Kow RM 64,182
14. Datuk Loh Say Bee's Organization RM 57,300
15. Datuk Neoh Choo Ee RM 54,470
16. Datuk Choot Ching Khoon RM 54,358
17. Datuk Choong Han Leong RM 53,880
18. Datuk Goh Ewe Lit's Organization RM 51,500
19. Cheah Phee Cheok - Ban Bee Co Sdn Bhd RM 50,800
20. Datuk Yeap Hock Hoe's Organization RM 50,300
21. Yeun Nik Enterprise Development Sdn Bhd (K.L.) RM 50,000
22. Tan Say Theam RM 50,000
23. Yu Tian Wei & Woo Frances RM 50,000
24. Lim Mow Cheng RM 47,580
25. Tun Sardon Foundation RM 46,000
26. Chew Ming Tow's Organization RM 45,800
27. Tan Cheng Tit RM 41,730
28. Datuk Tan Kim Poh RM 41,550
29. Penang Wesak Celebration Committee RM 40,000
30. Ong Chin Hee RM 39,780
31. Goh Cheng See RM 36,900
32. Datuk Low Hooi Seah & Datin Tan Khoon Gaik RM 35,660
33. Kew Leong Tong - Lim Kongsi RM 35,000
34. Lee Seng Theng - Lum Swee Seng & Co. Sdn Bhd RM 33,500
35. The Reader of Kwong Wah Jit Poh RM 33,149
36. Thong Yew Maan RM 32,010
37. Tan Boon Pin (KL) RM 30,000
38. Southern Bank Berhad RM 30,000
39. The Reader of Nanyang Press (M) Sdn Bhd RM 30,000
40. Ban An Tsi Co. Sdn Bhd & Lee Liang Chow RM 29,240
41. Chew Tung Seng RM 28,500
42. Datuk Lim Kheng Kim's Organization RM 27,680
43. Chuah Saik Ang - Hong Bee Hardware Co. Sdn Bhd RM 27,320
44. Kilang Gula Felda Perlis Sdn Bhd RM 27,000
45. Thong Wai Loen - Nan Loong & Co Sdn Bhd RM 25,700
46. Datuk Khaw Bian Cheng RM 25,000
47. Yang Seng Leather Store RM 24,285
48. General Produce Agency Sdn Bhd RM 23,350
49. Tan Beng Hwa & Seng Seng's Organization RM 23,240
50. Kwong Wah Jit Poh RM 22,632
51. Tan Su Chin's Organization
RM 22,334
52. Datuk Loh Eng Shuan & Joo Seng Rubber Co. Sdn Bhd RM 22,230
53. Ch'ng Bok Lai RM 21,600
54. Jimmy Yeap Leong Aun RM 21,450
55. Teoh Boon Teong RM 21,400
56. Choo Oh Kim RM 20,520
57. Hor Hoi Thin RM 20,511
58. Yuk Kin RM 20,487
59. KwangTung & Teng Chow Association RM 20,300
60. Rubber Trade Assocation of Penang RM 20,200
61. Yeoh Seow Hung RM 20,100
62. Syarikat Pembinaan Beng Teck Sdn Bhd (KL) RM 20,000
63. Dr. Gooi Soo Moei RM 20,000

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