Pulmonary Lung Function Analysis

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Pulmonary Lung Function testing measures the function of lung capacity and lung and chest wall mechanics to determine whether or not the patient has a lung problem. Pulmonary Lung Function Tests are commonly referred to as PFTs. When a patient is referred for PFT's, it means that a battery of tests may be carried-out including: simple screening spirometry, static lung volume measurement, diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide, airways resistance and respiratory muscle strength.

Pulmonary Lung Function Tests are used for the following reasons:

  1. Screening for the presence of obstructive and restrictive diseases
  2. Evaluating the patient prior to surgery - this is especially true of patients who:
    1. are older than 60-65 years of age
    2. are known to have pulmonary disease
    3. are obese (as in pathologically obese)
    4. have a history of smoking, cough or wheezing
    5. will be under anesthesia for a lengthy period of time
    6. are undergoing an abdominal or a thoracic operation
  3. Documenting the progression of pulmonary disease - restrictive or obstructive
  4. Documenting the effectiveness of therapeutic intervention

Chest Physician

Dr Ronnie Chong Khin Choy

MMC: 27765 / NSR: 124560

Clinic 101, 1st Floor

Dr Sundira Kumar Namasemayam

BSc (Med Sc), MD (UPM) , MRCP (Ire), Fellowship in Respiratory Medicine (Mal)
MMC: 38900 / NSR: 131146

Clinic 101A, 1st Floor

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